• Wrapping Up! December 17, 2012

    Thanks to everyone for a terrific semester. Enjoy your holiday break, and we’ll be in touch in the new year about how we’ll continue the conversations, interactions, and great work that are happening in the EdStartup101 community.

  • “Latest Blogs” and “The Firehose” October 30, 2012

    A comment today by Julian made me realize that Ihaven’t explained very clearly the difference between the “Latest Blogs” section of the EdStartup101 website and “The Firehose.” So here goes…

    The “Latest Blogs” section of the site includes each and every post that is tagged #edstartup from each and every syndicated blog belonging to you, the members of the EdStartup101 community. “The Firehose,” on the other hand, includes each and every post from each and every syndicated blog regardless of whether or not the post uses the #edstartup tag. Consequently, much of what is in The Firehose is unrelated to what we’re doing here – it’s just a place where you can see everything going on in the lives of everyone in the EdStartup101 community.

    So – is The Firehose useful or distracting? Answer in the Q&A Forum.

  • GigaOM Covers Fred Wilson on EdStartup 101 October 27, 2012

    GigaOM has a nice write up on our interview with Fred Wilson. If you missed the session, be sure to catch it on EdStartup 101 on YouTube.